What to Consider When Choosing Test Probes

spring probes have a life span that relies greatly on the design of the probe and the material used to make the spring. If the spring is weak, then the probe will also be weak. A strong spring material allows the probe to withstand rugged conditions it works in. The conditions of the field and the material of the pogo pins must be number one considerations you must look into before buying your probes. The buyer knows well the applications wherever she will be testing the strength of the appliance to be tested using the pogo pin. If the terrain is smooth without much mechanical strength, then a spring pogo pin of medium strength is required for testing. For appliances with quick current switching and high mechanical strength, a strong spring probe is needed for testing. Conditions with high current forces and lateral forces may deplete your spring life cycle greatly.

Factors affecting the life span of pogo pins

High lateral forces – Lateral forces refer to live loads which are applied parallel to the surface. In simple terms, they are flat or horizontal forces acting on an object or a structure. They differ from gravity loads in that, gravity loads are vertical forces acting on an object. When a lateral force is too high on an object being tested by test probes, then too much force leads to damage of the ping probes easily hence reducing their lifespan. The converse is true in that lighter lateral forces to have minimal impact on the pogo pin hence long life span.

High current- since the pogo pin tests the strength of PCBs, high voltages will affect the lifespan of the pin. When a product is exposed to too much work, it is normal for it to deteriorate in value. For example, when you extensively till your piece of land for a long time it loses its fertility and after some time it cannot produce sufficient produce as it used to be. Even human beings, when they overwork for many years they become weak or sick and die early. The same case applies to spring probes when they are used for a long time under high current conditions their lifestyle is shortened.

spring probes

Contaminated surface- contaminated surfaces significantly reduce pogo pin’s life span. The probes should be cleaned regularly to ensure that they function properly and for a long time. Contamination causes current resistance which overworks the testing tool thus reducing its lifespan.

Buyers must always understand these factors and the kind of surfaces they would use the pogo pins for testing. It is also good to know the manufacturer of the pogo pins. The manufacturers of test probes must always control and review the quality of the springs used and the material used to manufacture the probes before they are sold to the users. They should also to quality control to determine the quality, performance and lifetime. One of the most important test that manufacturers must test on probes is the lifetime of those products under various conditions such as humidity, temperatures, and dust.