How to Protect Your Data from Online Theft

You should not pass on any opportunity to protect your details and privacy online.  The internet is not as safe as some think. You should always guard against revealing your personal details as this will help to protect you and yours from any form of cybercrime.  You should be very careful when using search engines because the details you provide while conducting a search online is recorded and can be used by hackers to trace you and also steal from you. If you do not want any of this to happen to you, then you should not hesitate to get private search engines.

How can private search tools keep your details safe online? Continue reading to find out.

No tracking of any kind

No one will ever be able to track you online if you go private when searching the internet.  The search engines will not serve you much ads and the ads will be less intrusive.  The results you get from the search result will never be influenced by web browsing and past searches, which is an indication that the search engine does not have access to your history. Your internet search will be cached if you use a normal search engine; this means anyone that has access to your computer can easily see all the details of your web browsing. Private search engines can help prevent all these and keep your details secure at all times.

scramblerzGet complete peace of mind

Keeping your search private can give you a lot of peace of mind since there is assurance that no one can steal your details online.  It gives you assurance also that no one is monitoring your activities online, be it the search engine operators or secret government agencies.  Bear in mind that these government agencies can use the data they derive from your online activities against you in many ways.  You may find yourself facing criminal, consumer and even employer discrimination I the data is incorrectly used.

Using a private search engine will ensure that the items you search will never be linked to any of your accounts in any way, including your email address.  Your interest search is protected using an end-to-end encryption. As a result, no unwanted person will be able to intercept your internet search.

The benefits of incognito mode

Google Chrome offers what is called the incognito mode, which can help to protect your data from theft.  The Incognito Mode will remove unwanted access to the following:

  • Your browsing history
  • Information entered in forms
  • Cookies and site data

While Incognito may be helpful in various ways, it can still reveal your details to the following:

  • Your internet service provider
  • Your school or employer
  • The websites you visit.

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