Web design and development


Here is the best website design agency, the Harvey Agency which designs the customized website for you. Web design refers to the procedure or the process of planning, conceptualizing along with the building of the collection of the electronic data that will be determining the colors, layout, structure, graphics, text styles along with the images with the utilization of the features which are interactive that will be delivering pages to the visitors of the site. There are several options for building a website and you can consult the agencies which are specially made for the needs of the customers or the clients who want to build a website.

Features of web design

Here at Harvey, they have the web design as well as the development with many features which will include the UI, UX, site architecture, wireframing, mobile apps, website maintenance, and eCommerce. This website design will be encompassing various skills that are different and the discipline in the maintenance as well as the production of the websites. There are various areas which involve in the design of the website and they include the interface design web graphic design including the proprietary software and the standardized code.

Web design and development

The professional team which comprises of the experts in the web design will be designing the website and the individuals will be working as a team and they cover various aspects that are involved in making a website. So this is not the process that is done by a single person but needs different individuals for specific roles to complete the making or designing of the website. When we refer to the team web design, it is in general used for describing the process of the design which is actually related to the customer or the client side which involves the writing mark up.

This website designing will be overlapping partially the web engineering in the scope of the development of the website. The web designers will have the awareness of the utilization and their role involves the creation of the website with the updating of the website following the rules and regulations of the web accessibility guidelines.


The success, as well as the failure of a website, depends on the utility of the website. One of the key elements in designing a website if layout. As the internet is full of the website which is amazing, there is a tough competition in designing a website.


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