After the completion of the design and development phase, the next critical step is choosing a top mold manufacturer that will manufacture a prototype or molds for your products. In China, there are plenty of manufacturers, which make the choosing process quite easy and straightforward.

When it comes to plastic injection molding, all you need to type the three keywords on Google Search and more than a hundred companies will pop up; on top of your list; you’ll see Nice Rapid, one of the most established and well-reputable molds making firms in China.

In terms of reliability, finding a company that will cater to your needs and specification is quite tough. Production high-grade molds are key for your business. As a client, you will need to find a trustworthy and reliable company or else; you’ll not get a successful product.

Plastic injection molding is not always about mass production; at times, you’ll be needed a small volume of machined prototypes. These prototypes are quite vital for the demonstration to potential investors or clients to see how the machined parts/products perform or behave. Hence, finding the right manufacturer is key to the overall success of your project.

In this post, we are going to highlight the criteria and qualities that you should pay special attention to when in the look-out for a mold-making manufacturer.

Plastic injection molding

Making reputation comparisons

Every mold firm in China claims to be reputable and well-established. But this is not true; for some, it may be true, but for others, its an outright lie. Always do your research by looking at reviews online and make comparisons between what’s stated on their ads and the quality of service you get while interacting with them.

From every point of communication, you’ll be able to get a feel and idea about what the company is truly about.

Customer quality service 

A proper mold manufacturer will always answer all your queries professionally and promptly, and the responses should be polite and informative. The firm should also be able to give you a wide variety of options for your communication with them.

After narrowing down on the list of companies, during face-to-face communications, the company should be able to address and allay any of the fears that you might be having. You should also feel at ease as they will make an effort to land you as a client.

After requesting a meeting, they should be able to respond promptly and prepare before-hand to answer all of your questions.


Go for a mold company that has a considerable amount of experience than the rest; we’re not trying to say the new kids on the block aren’t good. Still, its always recommended for seasoned designers and engineers who have been dealing with manufacturing solutions for more than a decade.

They will be able to quickly understand and comprehend what your project entails and will also provide you with streamlined processes that will be cost-effective to you as a client.


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