Despite all the good photos, videos, and content on your Instagram bio, you still have few followers, not to mention that your account is visible to everyone. So what is the problem here? As many others have already pointed out in this situation, there are just some ways how you could improve your content and get more followers to like your posts.

One of the best ways to gather more followers and make yourself noticed by many people on Instagram is how you post quality content. Good quality content will surely bring in a lot of people’s attention to your bio where they can discover more of your content which leads to clicking the follow button especially when your posts are relevant to their interests by putting in hashtags or tagging locations.

However, you have to understand that there are some limitations that are coming your way, roughly it is some kind of function from the number of the followers of your profile, however, you cannot guess what this function is, knowing that it is a part of a proprietary secretive algorithms that are hard to decipher knowing that Instagram is now being run by Facebook’s data centers.

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Unfortunately, there are only a few people are well aware that your photos are not totally shown to everyone that follows your account, and it is pretty easy to understand that if you check your own feed and scroll up the latest posts on your feed and count the number of different users whose photos are visible to see. You will notice that you can get a series of photos from the same user within a single advertising block, the term used in calling the eight-photo posts in between advertisement posts, and probably, the same people will appear in the next blocks which are truly unfair for a starter like you.

When you scroll down a hundred photos on your fee, you can count around 30 handles, plus another hundred photos, you will come up with a hundred even if you like the photos that you have shown, Instagram will always show you some photos of certain people on your feed which means that when you open the application the next time and have some patience to scroll down for another hundred photos or more, you can see the same post from the same people.

This is bad for your publicity and your chances to get more followers because you might be at the bottom-most part of your feed, so what can you do? There are just things that are beyond your control, but that does not mean that it cannot be worked out, so the first thing you do is to post regularly so that you can become eventually a part of the top one hundred posts on your feed.

Also, you should stick within your niche and style so that your followers can definitely find you easily whenever you post something relevant to their interests because every missed like will further drop you off the charts of the first hundred posts so if you are planning to post something, you can instead post two different subjects rather than compiling it both on a single post.

Or much-better you can purchase Instagram followers online or maybe you can try compra likes instagram 2019 to break through the top one-hundred posts on your feed.

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