Some Unique Advantages  of Skype

Skype is a program and service VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Since 2003, they have offered free and low-cost chat options for customers all over the world. Skype allows people to chat with text, voice, and video. The only obligation is a machine that can run the Skype application. Pro: free

It’s free

Specifically, it is free to use for text chat, and voice calls between two Skype users on one of the Skype-enabled devices. He is free to chat with anyone on the Skype network anywhere in the world. Group text chat is also free. Also, some cell phones can run a Skype application that will allow you to use Skype when you are within range of an accessible wireless Internet connection. This allows you to bypass using your cellular minutes and if you happen to have a premium Skype account, also allows you to use Skype

While the basic service of skype po polskuis free, you must have some type of computer or device that can run the Skype software. This means that you must have a computer, a Smartphone with the Skype application. or something similar. Also, you must have an Internet connection. Dial-upp just does not cut it, so a faster connection is needed. Also, you must have a method of sending and receiving audio or video. This means that you need a headset, a specialized Skype phone (traditional phone connected to a computer) and a webcam for video. At the very least, you need a set of speakers and a microphone

Video quality is poor. Skype has competitors that offer a much higher resolution and free frame-rate using the same hardware. Although Skype does have high-resolution video options, in January 2010 they are exclusively in partnership with Logitech and require a special Logitech webcam to be able to use high-resolution video

The benefits of Skype, the application already used by more than 317 million users worldwide, are numerous. Indeed, Skype is known for all its assets: it allows to chat live for free online, with a video function, if you have a camera, enjoying the excellent sound quality.

With its voice over IP, the benefits of Skype also make it possible to make international calls with better quality than most traditional wireless providers.

We can talk to our contacts around the world either PC to PC, PC to Smartphone or Tablet, Smartphone to Smartphone (using an application) or Tablet to Tablet.

Sure that in some countries, Skype is not so well established: Skype and VoIP are blocked in different countries, such as China, Belize, and the United Arab Emirates. More specifically, to make international calls, and want to use for example Skype China, a VPN can be an essential accessory.