In today’s world, use of smartphone became a great place for playing mobile games. Many of the gaming companies are aiming at the kids and women by offering wide variety of video games to play on your mobile device. Every game has its own features that it became easier and fun to play the diversions anywhere at any time. Even there are best triggers for COD M or other mobile triggers which are helpful for winning in particular game. But these days many of them are getting addicted to mobile gaming which makes it disadvantageous too. So, let’s look at the disadvantages of mobile gaming on a person.

Disadvantages of mobile gaming on an individual 

Productivity distractions loss  

Most of the mobile diversions have an aspect socially or it makes you depend on other games who are taking turns for participating in a diversion. In such games, it is normal to get upgrades and alerts throughout the entire day regarding different things that are going on in various diversions. It is also appealing to check certain game and take a sudden action. These simple and little transactions are going to become large in a day or week which can make you lose your productivity.

Out of control spending 

Many of the mobile diversions function on a business model of free to premium. Here the fundamental diversion is free of cost, however it is extra within the cost money of  game. Few gamers without realizing go on spending huge amount of cash. This will lead to something dangerous and leads to addiction behaviour. There is also some news from parents that their kids utilize their mobile phones for playing free games. Some of them even purchase some items accidentally. This becomes a problem for a parent and cannot be able to get his or her money back.

Harmful distractions 

The negative and disadvantage of mobile gaming is that it leads to distraction behaviour. You should not play mobile games while you are driving. Few of the video mobile diversions are online and you can access them at any time. The player might get some notifications of game while driving which can tempt that individual to check it. This might be dangerous distraction as you are on the road, it might lead to an accident. You might not know what will happen when you are on the wheels playing games on your mobile.

Problems of sleeping 

It is already a known fact that mobile phones are the distraction which is attached to a children’s sleeping pattern and also disrupts his or her studies. There are many surveys done on children and adults too that how they are getting affected by playing on mobile phones different games. They are also not able to sleep and couldn’t get enough rest. When there is a distraction or disruption in the patterns of sleep, you cannot be able to focus properly.

Thus, these are some of the disadvantages or negative impacts of playing mobile games.