The Impact of Secure Web Gateway on Organizations

Secure Web Gateway is the cyber barrier that does not allow unofficial traffic to enter the organisation’s network. The gateway stands between the incoming and outgoing data. It prevents the system from malicious activities, viruses, malware attacks, and more, affecting the whole system and its working environment. All data from users to other networks must pass through a secure web gateway. 

What is Gateway?

A gateway is a router, and it has made the transfer of data accessible throughout the networks. They are protocol converters and manage all data directed internally and externally from the network. The main distinction between firewall and gateway are: firewall inspects data packets while web gateway inspects application. 

Features of Secure Web Gateways

  • It helps protect the social media platform as all information should be scanned and filtered.
  • Complete visibility over the entire network.
  • It prevents malware infections.
  • It protects remote workers by ensuring their security policies to stay connected with the company while working.
  • It blocks malicious websites.
  • It prevents the data by ensuring that sensitive information is not sent outside the organisation.

A secure internet gateway can do protection from unauthorised traffic. An enterprise provides security to its users from getting infected by malicious activities and includes malware protection.

How Secure Web Gateway Works

  • It is installed as software or hardware on the network boundary or at the endpoint. All the traffic from the users must pass through the gateway that checks it.
  • The gateways filters website URL addresses, known and approved websites, and unapproved ones that are not in the list can be blocked.
  • Data that goes out of the network can be checked to record the malicious activity.

Secure Web Gateway Enable Company to

  • Blocks inappropriate websites. The company allows only those websites which have been mentioned in the policies.
  • Enforce security policies to make the internet approach safer.
  • Helps to protect the data against uncertified networks. 

Components While Choosing Web Gateway Provider

  • Threat Protection
  • Data loss Protection
  • Visibility and Reporting
  • Cloud-centric remote work 

Every organisation should adopt the web gateway process to make the environment safer for the employees. It provides the necessary control to protect the business from web threats. It gives visibility to the encrypted traffic also. It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the security infrastructure. A gateway also provides a wide range of monitoring tools to identify the attacks.