Most Trusted And Secured IBM Cloud Series

When looking for the most trusted and marketing-leading security, scalability, enterprise, and open innovation for unlocking the full potential of AI and cloud, it would be the iSeries cloud services. But, before tackling the services, you need to understand first what IBM cloud means and why your business needs it.

What is IBM cloud?

IBM Cloud has three descriptions:

  • Hybrid
  • Open
  • Resilient

It is your platform and partner for digital change. Driving a business with a hybrid cloud makes the operation of the business fast, easy, and flexible. The platform is designed for business, security, and freedom to build and run the app anywhere.

The IBM iSeries cloud

It is one of the most common and easy-to-understand technologies in the world of business. Nowadays, many companies have moved toward cloud solutions. However, big questions had arisen:

  1. Why?
  2. What is the big deal about it?
  3. What is the cost?
  4. Why is a cloud solution so essential?

Perhaps, you have the same questions about IBM series cloud services. The iSeries is an application server used by large companies due to its reliable attributes:

  • scalability
  • security
  • robustness
  • low cost of ownership

iSeries cloud services

Each company using the platform reaps the benefits of its valuable information stored and a large volume of data storage. Also, the introduction of new technologies enables companies to update the system and harness more excellent value. But, due to the limitations, the companies faced more significant challenges updating the system.

But, iSeries cloud does not charge customers per transaction. Meaning, that it is not that pricey to modernize the system, and the updated version delivers benefits, such as:

  • the reduced total cost of ownership
  • increased system responsiveness
  • transparency in hidden data

The footprints of the iSeries cloud are extensive in the Information Technology landscape. Various technologies and supporting software are involved in the process, which is a one-stop solution provider for the iSeries cloud modernization.

The cloud trend and the future

Did you know that many businesses say that the cloud trend will boom in the next few years? Despite the myths and challenges described cloud, the iSeries cloud solution stays! The solution allows businesses to modernize their data with these two great features:

  • Accessible

●       Highly reachable storage

With the iSeries cloud solution, company employees can collaborate and connect from remote locations. Also, the assurance of the risk of data loss when the system gets damaged remains secure. Moreover, it is easier for those using a private cloud in meeting regulatory compliance due to the redundant data storage and increased data availability.

A private cloud helps the company know where its data is stored and who can access it.