What Is An Erp Software And How Is It Used?

Planning is an integral part of any company. The phenomenon of deciding in advance on what tasks need to be achieved in which period of time, and subsequently drawing an action plan to achieve them is known as planning. Today, large companies plan their working processes years in advance and not only that but they also take into account the procedures on how set targets have to be achieved. Today, with the digitalization and modernisation of world, an integral process such as planning has also been modernised. A software known as the erp software is used extensively by firms for detailed planning of their future manifesto.

What is erp software and how does it help firms?

Erp software stands for enterprise resource planning software. As complicated as the name sounds, it is a function that is quite easy to use once you get the hang of it. This function allows large companies to have a systematic planning process in place. Not only this but today, there are mainly 3 leading erp software for companies to choose from. Each company can analyse in detail, the process and workings of each type and then choose, which software they wish to employ in their firm.

erp software

From the outside, it might seem like a software like erp manages only the long term goals and plan of actions of a company. However, that is completely false. Erp is also responsible for managing day to day operations of any firm. This software is able to do all; plan, budget, decode, and manage. An erp system acts as a connecting agent between various aspects of any business. From sales to finance, to legal, an erp has it all tied together. Since it is a computerised software that has minimum to no human interruption, the scope of mistake is almost negligible. Not only this, but companies using this software have claimed that they save a lot of time relatively, during their day to day operations.

Reading all of the above testaments and facts about this software might have made you think that this is a software that is a luxury and can be afforded, as well as used by only firms that operate on a large, almost at international scale. However, that is one of the biggest myths that surrounds the functioning of an erp software. Businesses of all scale and size use this software and reap it’s benefits.