Roles Of E-learning In Education: Benefits And Disadvantages

Studying has been made easy and since everyone either makes use of a smartphone or has a personal laptop, access to online study materials has been made straightforward. To know more about online courses, you can check out e learning singapore.


E-learning is also known as digital or online learning.

It is a type of learning done digitally via electronic devices using the internet. It is accessible via most electronic devices, e.g. smartphones, laptops, notepads and/or tablets. There are varieties of e-learning and it can come as software programmes and digital courses on platforms and applications.

Common types of methods

  • Digital materials – this can be done through pdf documents, videos, slides and word documents. With these, it is easy for people to read up on materials and do a lot of things themselves.
  • Online courses – this is one of the major methods many employ today. This can be done on platforms or apps where the courses are offered for free or by paying. This enables one to earn within the confines of their homes.
  • Virtual tutoring – in this method, you can easily connect with a tutor who would put you through the ropes of whatever you want to learn. It is an efficient method such that you and your tutor can communicate and areas, where you need supervision, can be easily addressed.
  • Apps and software – the use of apps, in general, is not new. You can learn a lot from the app, which includes new languages, learning a new musical instrument and so on.

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  • Ensures students are, no matter the crisis, able to continue learning and gaining a new skill after the other.
  • In education, it allows for students, teachers and even parents to continue with their teachings outside the classroom and also improves the student’s craving for more knowledge.
  • It also is economical, it has reduced the use of paper and helped with environmental growth.

Benefits include

  • Time-saving and accessible – anyone and everyone can easily access courses or study online as long as there is a smartphone and Internet access.
  • One can learn anywhere – it doesn’t matter where you find yourself, you can easily learn and study.
  • Progress is easily tracked – you can easily track and check on your progress.
  • Sensitive – it is sensitive to others as some do not like learning with a group of people.