Instagram is a photo and video sharing application created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was launched in October 2010 exclusively for iOS users. It is also abbreviated as IG or Insta many times. It was released for Android users in April 2012. It was acquired by Facebook Inc.

Instagram has many features including sharing pictures and videos as a story or post. The people then like our posts, comment on it and may share it.

How you can get those Likes?

Instagram like is one of the features of this application. It is a small heart below the post which denotes ‘like’ button of Instagram.

There are many applications and websites which offers Instagram users to increase their likes by increasing the number of followers. These likes are on the basis of active users and on inactive users. Both the processes increase the number of followers in your account. Active users are the one who is active but may or may not like your posts. Inactive users are the one who just increases the number of followers and are not active and doesn’t like your post or even check your account.

free likes on Instagram

There are many people who promise you that you will get some specific number of likes and followers and ask an amount in return. But trust me; those likes are not at all frequent and true. This is just a game of earning money.

A growing number of followers and free likes on Instagram is not a big deal. It is just a manipulation of Instagram. Likes are very fluctuating in nature. Every post gets a different number of likes. Some post may have more likes than the other.

What is the negative lane?

People must remember that what the celebrities do, gets them likes. They have a fan following. But one must get inspired by this and work hard to achieve that position. You are what you are and everyone in this world differs.

This results in stress and loneliness and hence has a negative impact on our mental health. We are dependent on social media for approval on ourselves and our pictures. We feel appreciation is our reward.

So, we can conclude that getting likes is to satisfy our mind, which is a temporary satisfaction. Likes are just a need for social belonging, especially for teenagers. Those likes just denote the engagement of other people on social media and the people who view your profile and are interested in liking your posts.

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