Instagram is a communal system that I adopt as soon as I launched my blog. A way both personal and creative to share a few slices of life! It soon became clear that developing his account was not so easy. How to have more followers on Instagram and win subscribers without selling his soul to the devil?

When I wrote the first version of this article, I peaked at 218 subscribers. At the time when I rewrite it entirely, I was close to 2400 subscribers. I was able to take advantage of the advice found here and there on the web … and I decided to share with you these tips that helped me.

Since Instagram was acquired by Facebook, it is increasingly difficult to develop its account because the social network has implemented an algorithm that reduces the visibility of publications. However, there are “good practices” that, in my opinion, will never be harmful!

Win Subscribers on Instagram: Classic Rules of a Social Network

First, there is a simple principle off  Instagram’da takipci satin alma   as on other social networks: to win subscribers, you have to get involved in the network. Get involved. I note that often, for lack of time (or by laziness, it must be confessed), I just like the photos that pass before my eyes without necessarily making the effort to write a comment, to go looking for new accounts …

Instagram’da takipci satin alma

However, it is indeed when one is involved that one derives the most benefits in terms of visibility!

  • Instagram being a social network, we receive the same types of advice as on other networks :
  • Complete your biography carefully and choose a profile picture;
  • Do not flood subscribers with low value-added photos;

    Take advantage of the social functions of the network: to be interested in others while respecting the ethical principles that we know well (sincerity, no advertising of the type “I follow you if you follow me and if I do not subscribe”, etc);

Offer quality content. Some use the network just to share their daily life with friends and family (and often have private accounts where they only accept those they know), others – this is my case – also use them to discover talented photographers, dream in front of beautiful destinations, find decorating ideas

 Unique and qualitative content

Instagram remains a network of “beautiful images”. It can be blamed for maintaining a cult of perfection, however, most accounts that develop quickly and well are those who post quality content.

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