Educational Robotics and Coding

In a world characterized by extraordinary technological innovations that affect everyday life and the working world, it is necessary that there is greater training in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) useful in the transition from passive users of technology to active users. For this reason it was necessary to include educational robotics in the educational program from primary schools coding and robotics for kids singapore.

The educational robotics is an approach combining canonical teaching the use of robots and their programming, to make teaching more effective, engaging and simple, both for students and for teachers.

Teaching and, consequently, learning with robotics, makes the lessons more interactive, more creative, allowing students to touch what they have only read in books until now.

Coding And Robotics For Kids Singapore

Robotics: Why is it so important to learn STEM subjects early on?

The robotics education in primary school has the basic learning in a fun way of STEM subjects, which stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. By learning these subjects, children will learn to use logic and solve increasingly difficult questions and problems by improving computational thinking skills. One of the aiding tools for children is taught is Scratch , one of the most used software for learning the programming language. The educational roboticsit is often perceived by children as a fun activity, comparable to a game, which allows teachers to replace theoretical lessons with practical and engaging workshops and robotics courses for children. Furthermore, it is often used by teachers as a tool for inclusion towards children with disabilities and autism.

Robots are excellent life companions: Sociability is the basis of human life. The latest generation toy robots, that is intelligent and interactive ones, offer men new horizons and opportunities for relationships . It is no coincidence that at high levels the first prototypes of complex robots are intended for the care of the elderly or minors. Robots as friends and helpers! Their proximity fights loneliness and helps more shy children to enhance self-esteem and the ability to interact in a serene way. Animal robots, in this sense, are truly an excellent support.

Robots are part of our best imagery : Robots awaken the best memories in us , primarily those related to childhood and its adventures. They are therefore a product for nostalgics of all ages.