Understanding Why IBM i Hosting Is The Cost-Effective Choice

Some companies and organizations are looking for cloud hosting providers that can offer the right server that they need. The problem is, POWER usually has an oversized server and some businesses don’t really need that much. And just going for that option is going to cost more time and money.

This is where Source Data Products IBM i cloud comes into play. If you want to know why this is the most cost-effective option to consider, then you have come to the right place. Let’s go ahead and find out why as a client, you should consider IBM i cloud hosting.

Get Quality Service At A Cheaper Price

With Cloud400, clients will be paying just a small fraction of what they would’ve spent on POWER i. Other than that, you are not paying for oversized servers. Instead, you only take what you need and that’s what you are required to pay for.  This makes IBM i hosting more cost-effective for you.

No Unnecessary or Hidden Fees

Unlike IBM POWER i, clients of Cloud400 are happy that they don’t pay for unnecessary fees, like for IBM user licenses, processor activation, or even IBM support. They all get this as part of what they are already paying for, with no extra charges involved. This means that you are saving more money if you choose Cloud400 as your cloud hosting solution.

IBM i cloud

Get More With Cloud400

With Cloud400 from Source Data Products, clients get more with what they pay for. Choosing Cloud400 comes with plenty of benefits like using IBM licensed software, daily backups, free upgrades, safe and secure, flexible terms, and short-term expenses. All of these can be enjoyed by any client for no extra charge.

Flexible Terms

Another reason why you should consider Cloud400 is because, unlike other providers, you will not be locked in a long-term contract. Instead, you get to pick a term that works best for you. And in case you want to upgrade after realizing that you need a bigger server, this can be done easily with Source Data Products too.

What is Cloud400 Ideal For?

Cloud400 is perfect for IBM i hosting, IBM iSeries hosting, System i hosting,  and AS400 hosting. This is the pride and joy of Source Data Products. This cloud sourcing solution offers the IBM i POWER technology and performance but at a price that every client would be happy to pay for. Instead of paying for a huge and oversized server, Cloud400 offers only what the client needs and should only pay for what they use.